We’re Creating a More Efficient Labor Market

TalentEi is a subsidiary of Digerati Inc., a process engineering and technology firm founded in 2001 that blends the disciplines of enterprise architecture, lean design and agile development to create transformative software solutions and solve complex operational challenges.


Our patented  Employ IntelligenceTM matching engine, Classroom To CareerTM network, and ground breaking design provides an easy path for businesses to hire top talent, while helping to reduce both employer and candidate bias.



The Employ Intelligence Platform


Employ IntelligenceTM is a patented, just-in-time talent acquisition platform that streamlines the candidate selection process and dramatically decreases time to fill.  By replacing resumes and job descriptions with a proprietary survey system that standardizes and value-weights critical information for both employers and job seekers, Employ IntelligenceTM  infuses precision, quality and speed into the talent acquisition process.