Talentei Delivers a Better Solution

Talentei moves beyond traditional resume review so you can spend more time with the right candidates and less time with candidates that don’t fit. 


Guides you through simple questions so you can choose the specific needs of your position

Candidate Evaluation:

Evaluates the skills, interests, and abilities of each candidate 

Candidate Masking:

Masks candidate information that is prone to bias  

Prioritized Candidates: 

Scores and ranks candidates against your specific needs 

Informed Interviews:

Provides you and your candidates a Fit Assessment® to show where you match up 

Current recruiting methods are painful because they often rely on artificial intelligence, machine learning and old-fashioned resume review.  In addition, job descriptions and resumes don’t have enough detail.  As a resultemployers and job seekers are not getting what they need

Resume reviews are costly, time consuming, and prone to bias 

Large employers miss qualified candidates who get lost in the shuffle 

Small businesses don’t have access to enough candidates 

Candidates receive limited or no feedback from employers 

Job Seekers often miss job ads for high potential jobs