Talentei helps MSPs drive a significant increase in fill rate, creating a new revenue stream that drops straight to the bottom line, reducing the time to fill rate, and improving your clients’ experience.

decrease training costs on TalentEi

Reduced Time to Fill

In lieu of a PDF of resumes to sort through, your clients receive a clean, easy to navigate dashboard ranking the alignment of every candidate submitted to their open requisition. Within minutes, your clients are able to select candidates for interview.

No VMS change required on TalentEi

No VMS Change Required

Talentei does not require you to change or make significant modifications to your VMS implementations, as the platform can model your existing operations.  

Save money hiring on TalentEi

Vendors Save Money and Increase Placement Rates

Working with Talentei  affords you an opportunity to improve the vendor experience. Through Talentei , you can offer vendors an opportunity to “own” a candidate for 30-60 days. During that time period, their candidate is automatically considered for each opening within a job category. Your vendors don’t have to continuously resubmit the same candidate to each requisition at a client and yet that candidate can still be considered for placement.

Improve Fill Rates

Improved Fill Rates

Our survey system creates a common application by job category.   A candidate for a programmer job can automatically be considered and scored against all other programmer jobs at a client.  While this exponentially increases the size of the candidate pool, Our ability to score, screen, and stack rank candidates ensures that hiring managers are never overwhelmed and that the best candidate’s rise to the top.

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